History Of Crew

2000 Bash Crew Car 666 David Mayman, Sallymae Bailey, Renato Rispoli – absent Eddy Solbrandt

In 1999 David Mayman and his father Peter found a 1996 HR Holden to do the  Brickpit to Broome NSW Variety Bash – as Car 666.  David’s and his business partner Eddy Solbrandt bought the car and Year One of the Little Pigs Crew was established.

Previously Car 666 had completed NSW Bashes as the ‘Pink Pussy’ with Tony and Sue Basher, but David and Eddy re-themed the car as the 3 Little Pigs due to the outrageous pink upholstery.  As you can see the pink theme has flourished and thrived!!

2002 Car 333 – Eddy Solbrandt, Tom Cooper and Sallymae Bailey

Year Four of the Pig included a second car in the team Car 333 the Big Bad Wolf.  
See the Little Pigs Hall of Fame for full listing of crews.

In 2005 Eddy Solbrandt and Roger Allen completed the Year Seven of the Pig in the Barossa Valley with a National Bash Finish in Adelaide with Sallymae Bailey driving over the final ‘finish line’.

2006 Bash Car 333 Brookvale to Bundaberg – Orange Day near Hughenden – Sallymae & Cassie

Sallymae Bailey purchased the car in 2006 and changed the number to Car 333, but not the 3 Little Pigs and pink theme.  Pigs Still Fly!!!

Next year will be Year 19 of the Pig with Brendon Morron for his 7th year and Sallymae Bailey for her 17th!